Website Design For Chiropractors

Your Chiropractic website company should specialize in the field of Chiropractic care. They should know what makes a practice unique and how to bring a large volume of the type of potential new patients that you desire to the site. And how to properly educate and convert visitors to patients at an affordable price.

They should understand:

  • Chiropractic care
  • An integrated practice
  • Spinal decompression and the 4 types of disc herniations
  • IV Nutrition and why many practices offer it
  • Trigger point injections
  • Other injections from PRP to regenerative medicine (if offered)
  • Arthritis care
  • Neuropathy and how a low back issue may contribute to the condition
  • Functional medicine
  • All the modalities
  • The reasons people visit chiropractors
  • How to help add new services to your practice
  • DME and what DME is typically used by a practice
  • What language can be used to stay in compliance with the FDA
  • How to create your site so that it’s compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act so you can qualify for a tax credit
  • More

Any Chiropractic website should be created by a group that knows the difference between a patient that may need a package of services with larger case values and the ones that need one or two adjustments. They should know how to attract larger cases on the internet. Because growing your profit is a matter of bringing in the right new patients, building value in care plans and packages, and the proper patent education, so the patient finishes the care plan. (more about this a little later in this article)

We know chiropractic and have performed website redesign for hundreds of practices nationwide. Our team knows how to create the perfect look and feel, write unique content that will help convert visitors to patients and how to get you found well on the search engines!

When you are well found on Google and other search engines, you will get traffic to the site, and when the content is written correctly, the visitors will see you as the perfect chiropractor for them.

How Do We Know So Much About Chiropractic Websites?

Our management team speaks at Chiropractic conferences regularly. We speak about how to generate a steady flow of new patients with a great website, successful online marketing, a well-built marketing funnel that utilizes text and emails to nurture potential patients, and more.

Patient Retention Chiropractic

Why don’t most Chiropractic websites generate enough new patients each month to help the practice grow?

The typical chiropractic website has been created by one of two or three very large companies that reproduce a finite number of designs and use the same content on many sites. Many blog posts on sites are found on hundreds of competitor’s sites. This is done to save cost. This seems like a great idea on the surface. Unfortunately, this also creates problems in ranking well online.

The search engine rankings are where the new patients come from, so if you don’t rank well, you will not get a great flow of new patients. Your website redesign should be totally unique. Your content should be written specifically for your website and geographic area. That’s right…. your geographic location influences the content style. People in Tennessee communicate differently than those in New York or Los Angeles. If you have content that is the style that will motivate those in Tennessee in New York, your website will likely fail.

How important is the technical structure of a Chiropractic website, and can it really get earn you a tax credit?

The technical structure is the framework that your website is built upon. The more technically savvy a website redesign agency is, the better your site will do in the rankings. If the technical structure is not created at a very high level, you may not be as competitive as other chiropractors in your area. Nearly everyone uses WordPress to create websites and that’s a good thing. We’ve taken it a bit further by creating our own custom theme that keeps our clients ranking very well. We update it as the search engine requirements change, and that keeps our clients ranked well and acquiring new patients.

The technical structure can also earn you a tax credit. The IRS will allow you up to a $5000 tax credit by making your website compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that your site must include all the technical components to enable people with disabilities to use your site and understand all of the content, etc. Ask us about the stipulations and how to file for this tax credit.

How can we help with patient education, retention, and increased profit?

Helping so many chiropractors with website redesign and marketing and speaking at chiropractic conferences regularly, we learned the challenges chiropractors face daily. When we begin our journey with a new client, we are not solely interested in creating a website or building a marketing strategy and online ad program.

Patient Retention ChiropracticWe want to know how we can help build your practice into a bigger, more profitable entity. We want to help you achieve your goals.

Doctors have shared with us several things that have caused their growth to be limited.

They suffer with:

  • New patient acquisition (the right new leads)
  • Increase case acceptance rate (closing cases)
  • Finding a way to get a valuable ROI on marketing (Their marketing had mixed results)

We created several other business units to help. One is our ROF Assistant. This web-based application builds robust reports of findings in a matter of 3 to 8 minutes that help tremendously with patient education. When clinics follow the program and present the ROFs, the case acceptance rate skyrockets, and patients understand why they should stay on the program until they reach wellness, not just symptom relief. This is affordable and very effective for practices.

How to stop mixed results in marketing

We also heard doctors saying that the leads that came from the website were not good enough because they weren’t converting, so the ROI was dismal. So, we had our HIPAA-certified staff listen to the calls that came to the front desk and quickly spotted the problem. The front desk was too busy and didn’t understand enough about the sales training or treatments necessary to bring in high dollar cases. Many tried to answer questions about treatments and ended up scaring the patient away. They simply couldn’t handle the questions that patients with things like neuropathy, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, diabetes, wound care, and more need answered before deciding that you’re the right practice for them.

So, we created a call center with highly training reps that can handle the leads, qualify the potential patients, and get them through the door. This center is in the US and all team members are highly trained in sales, how to not answer questions that are best left for providers without losing the patient, scheduling, follow up and more. Ask us how we can help you like we help many other chiropractors with this affordable service.