The Importance of Quality Content For Your Practice

Adding quality content to your website helps your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The more of it that is on your website, the more ways the search engines can present your website to future patients in the search results.

The value of content isn’t only bringing new visitors but giving recurring visitors more to see and consume when they are brought to your website through your marketing efforts. Keeping your practice at the top of patients’ minds is the main goal of marketing, to bring them back to you when they need your services. Through the active marketing of educational content, they may learn about ways you can improve their quality of life, bringing them back in to see you more frequently.

Some benefits of quality content include:

  • Show up in more search results on Google
  • Attract more potential patients
  • Keep visitors on your site longer
  • More chances to convert visitors to patients

Do Medical Practices Need Website Content?

According to one study, 80% of internet users (that’s 93 million Americans!) have searched online to find information on a health-related topic. Are your future patients finding you when they search, or your competitor?

The search engine bots are constantly crawling the web and “indexing” your website, meaning they are scanning it for current content and information and storing snippets of it to be used in search results next time someone does a search that might pull up something from your website.

The more useful and engaging content you have available for the bots to see on your site, the better. Not only will that give you better chances at being found for multiple keywords (an article on the causes of knee pain might get found for 2, 5, or 20+ different search queries), but you might even have multiple pages from your website show up for the same search query. The more times a user sees your website in the results, the more they trust your brand intuitively. Visibility is key, and when you have one, two, or even three of the top ten results for a user’s search query, they are that much more likely to click through to your website.

Getting a potential patient to your website is only one step of the process, however. Once they are on the site, your goal should be to give them easy-to-read and useful content that answers their questions, earns their trust, and encourages them to reach out to you as a lead. A doctor can often offer something useful to the visitor in exchange for them signing up for your email lists, such as an e-book or other download. This then gives you more chances in the future to turn them into a patient and get them to come back to you more frequently.

It takes on average at least nine “touches” with a brand before a web visitor turns into a client. At Just Click It Digital Marketing, we work on shortening the time it takes by providing visitors with the content they came to see, bringing them back to your site often through email marketing and remarking ads, and by using proven marketing techniques that get as high as 10X the average conversion rate for our clients. Call our office now and get a free marketing strategy session.