The Importance of a Good Web Design

Your website is your business card, your business front, and your marketing all in one these days. It needs to represent you well, encourage users to find out more about you, and take action. No marketing asset can bring you more new visitors than your website, and it deserves to be a good one.

Ways Your Web Design Impacts Your Business

Builds trust and a relationship with future/repeat patients

When you invest in a professional website that properly represents you as a practice, future patients get a feel for who you are as a provider and your brand. When they see your website has a lot to offer in the way of information, photos, articles, and the like, it builds trust that you are a reputable, experienced doctor who has a successful practice.

Gives you an edge over the competition

Your website is where you can showcase what sets you apart from the other guys in town. With an up-to-date website that highlights your advanced treatments and patient successes, your website is your best foot forward to show newcomers why you are the best practice to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Creates brand loyalty

With an easy-to-navigate, aesthetic website that gets refreshed regularly with helpful articles, practice updates, and other useful information, your patients can feel closer to you, and be reminded that they want to come back to see you for that treatment.

Factors That Make a Web Design Good


Aesthetics are valuable across the board. It’s important to create a good first impression, but it’s more than just that. A professional, clean-looking site entices users to stay on the site longer than one that is outdated, poorly created, or visually jarring or off-putting.

Your website is not the place to try to pinch pennies and cut back by hiring your friend’s kid who wants some practice. Look at examples of your web designer’s work – do they have clients similar to you? Do those practices get an influx of new patients from their website?

An appealing web design with good content takes a lot of the work off your administrative staff’s plate to schedule new patients.


Some of the main facets that make a site user-friendly are being easy to navigate and having elements where you would expect them to be (like a menu, buttons, contact forms, etc.). You want to make it as easy as possible for the patient to reach out to you, so having an accessible, easy-to-use contact form is a must. Your practice name and phone number should be predominantly displayed, with a click-to-call number for mobile devices.

Having a clean, clear menu at the top of the site is also key. It’s where user’s eyes go when they want to see what else you have to offer. At Just Click It Digital Marketing, we make it easy for soon-to-be patients to find out more about you and encourage them to reach out as soon as they are ready. By gently coaxing them through the new patient journey, good web design brings patients from casually interested in your practice to a bonafide lead.

Fast load speed

A fast load speed is very important to visitors. Who has time to sit and stare at a blank page for 5 seconds? We are used to getting information instantly, and a good web design lives up to that expectation. According to research from Google, the chance of users leaving a website immediately increased by 90% when a site’s load time was between 1 and 5 seconds.

Amazon once found that for every 100 milliseconds, they improved the speed of their platform, they had a 1% increase in sales.

Having a fast website keeps people on your site longer, drastically reducing their chance of “bouncing” or leaving without taking action and giving them more chance to engage with your content and reach out as a lead.

Responsive design

If your site isn’t responsive by now, it definitely needs an overhaul. All “responsive” means is that the site adjusts its size and layout depending on the size of the browser or device it’s being viewed on. The site should look great on a computer, a tablet, and across all mobile devices.

If an element goes missing when you shift devices or buttons that worked on your cell phone don’t work from your computer, that needs to be remedied fast. A site that isn’t optimized for user experience across common devices will practically boot users off of it.

We’d be happy to go over your website with you and show you how we can help grow your practice through great web design. Give us a call at 727-777-7266.