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Starting your new patient flow relies upon successful online advertising, a strong organic presence so that you are one of the practices found at the top of the search engine ranking pages and a well-designed nurture program.

Potential patients search the internet for all types of health-related issues. Google Health claims that there are 70,000 health related searches every minute.

Those potential patients are selecting practices that are well ranked on the search engines much more than those that are not. There is significant data to show that there are few people that go beyond page one of the search rankings. Research further proves that the top ranked site gets 32.5% of all traffic for the related search term. The site ranked second secures 17.6% and the third 11.4%. Add these 3 positions together and you have 61.5%. The top 3 ranked sites secure 61.5% of all traffic for any given search term. If your website is not ranked in the top 3 positions on Google for at least 50 relevant terms - call us to fix that issue.

There are many ways to start your new patient flow with online advertising too. We have designed ways to pre-qualify people that respond to online ads, so your practice is not overloaded with people that are not genuine prospective patients.

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