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Patient education for regenerative medicine can be achieved with the Physicians Assistants web application. This program enables a practice to create reports that help show potential patients why regenerative medicine may be the perfect treatment option for that patient’s condition. These reports are quick and easy to create, and are designed to help your practice improve your case acceptance rate.

The reports are designed to be used during a face to face visit with the potential patient after your initial exam and imaging (should you determine that imaging is necessary).

The program will walk your team, along with the potential patient, through:

  • The entire patient education process
  • A thorough explanation of the condition
  • What may happen if not treated
  • Comparison of relief care (medications) and corrective care
  • The side effects of the medications that they are currently taking as part of their relief care
  • Comparison between surgery and regenerative medicine
  • Aftercare of surgery vs. regenerative medicine
  • The benefits of regenerative medicine
  • Why your body cannot heal itself
  • The costs associated with surgery
  • Out-of-pocket expense, deductibles, and average max out-of-pocket expense
  • The costs associated with living with the disease
  • Recommended treatment program with explanation of each step
  • The financial details
  • A glossary of tissue types and explanations of each, including research articles

No more forgetting important information or skipping steps of the process that lead to patient treatment.

The system contains labs and vendors of tissue, braces, anti-inflammation kits, and more, as well as suggested pricing and pricing override capability. Discounts can be easily selected for situations such as prepaying for the treatment.

This system is truly a point and click, report generating, patient education machine. It is also very helpful at training your staff on regenerative medicine and its uses.

We developed this application in conjunction with a team of medical professionals and entrepreneurs that teach providers how to add regenerative medicine to their practices and educate their patients on these valuable treatments. Our reports feature text, graphics, videos, charts, and more that help potential patients become educated on regenerative medicine.

Research is Key When it Comes to Patient Education

The research sources for our reports include but are not limited to:

  • The National Institute of Health
  • The Center for Disease Control
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Case Studies
  • Renowned Medical Journals
  • Respected Medical Research Institutes
  • More

This program has been designed to help you treat more patients, increase revenue, and fine-tune profits.

Using the Program to Create a Medical Report

The typical report can be created and generated in less than 4 minutes.

1. The practice adds the patient to the system.

Add New Contact top Patient Education Program

2. Next, the practice answers a series of questions by simply selecting checkboxes.

Patient education Medical Report

3. Select the diseased or damaged joint.

Select Joint

4. Answer the diagnosis questions – because we selected the left shoulder, only questions about the left shoulder appear.

Diagnosis Questions

5. Select the medications the patient has been prescribed for this condition – Note: extensive drop-down lists of medications appear for each category.


6. Select the patient’s favorite hobby from the list of 45 popular hobbies.


The remaining questions are to be answered by a licensed medical professional only and can be seen by arranging a demonstration with our team.


The reports are auto-generated in seconds. The system draws data from our extensive library based upon the answers that you selected in the steps illustrated above. Each report displays your logo.

The reports are intended to be utilized while meeting with the potential patient. A link can be sent via email to the patient for further review, but we suggest you only do this after going through the report with the patient. There are times that a co-decision maker may not be present and may need to be educated just as the patient has been. There are also times that a potential patient may need to “think about” the decision. Having a well-written, comprehensive report that details the treatment, reasons for the treatment, alternatives, costs of living with the disease, etc. is more successful than simply expecting a patient to remember the conversation.

Sample Reports

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a video containing a sample report.


Setup fee – $995
Monthly Fee $199

There is no contract, and service can be canceled at any time.

Fill out this form and we’ll send you a video that will show you how easy the Physicians Assistants program is to use along with a sample report.

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