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Our Mission

Here at JCIDM, we’re not just doing our jobs for the love of marketing.

We’re on a mission to help businesses grow to the next level.

A mission to contribute to the nation’s economy.

A mission to make people happier.

A mission to increase production, open new jobs, and boost the morale of employees and executives around the country.



Are we going to do it all on our own?

Hell no.

But we are firm believers in implementing the change you want to see in the world; after all, if no one acted on their wish to see a better world, things would never get better!

We also think that one business can make a difference - yours, ours, or anyone’s.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering results that we can be proud of.

Results that bring serious growth to our clients.

Growth that allows them to reach their goals -- financial, personal, -- whatever they may be.

Growth that spurs a boost in the economy - from new job openings to more money going back into their local communities and helping other families do better in life, too.

We believe that in helping companies expand, we are helping their employees, executives, and hopefully even their clientele become busier, get more done, and, as a result, be happier.

Ultimately, we hope this leads to people spending more time doing what they love, and making their corner of the world an even better place.

It’s a big goal, but it keeps us motivated to deliver great results.

We’re big on treating others the way we’d want to be treated: with humanity, kindness, understanding, and respect.

We don’t have interest in helping expand businesses with subpar products or services. If making people happy so our world is a better place isn’t part of your business’ goals, we probably aren’t a good fit for one another. : )

Want to join the team? Shoot an e-mail to careers at jcidm dot com with what drives you to be great, where you want to go in life, and how you’ll help our customers reach their goals.

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