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Online advertising can consist of paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, and more. For Chiropractors, we find that Google and Facebook work the best at bringing new patients through your door.

Online Advertising for Chiropractic Practices

What Are The Keys to Successful Online Advertising

One of the big keys to having success with online advertising is to be sure that the ads drop to specific pages that correlate with the ad copy and move responders towards an appointment. All too often, a practice has the ad responder land on the home page or worse...a form to make an appointment. Think about how that makes a person searching for a solution to knee pain feel. They don’t want to search through your site to find info about knee pain relief so they will probably leave the site and find a landing page that matches their search criteria more closely. They also haven’t yet decided you are the right Doctor for them so an appointment form is off-putting.

The next big factor that many online advertisers don’t realize is that most people that click your ad won’t convert on the first visit to your website. Many practices have told us that paid ads don’t work because the cost is high and the conversion rate is too low. If you strictly have someone click your ad and visit your site one time - online advertising will absolutely be too expensive!

To get the most out of online advertising, a follow up program is critical.

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What Kind of Follow-Up Program Will Help Online Advertising be More Effective

The best medical marketing agencies, like ours, use marketing funnels to maximize your return on investment. Here’s how the numbers break down. Let’s assume that you spend $5000 per month on an online advertising campaign. Let’s assume that you have the average cost per click of $8. You will have 625 clicks to your site. The average conversion rate on ads is around 1 to 2%. This means you will see 6 to 12 new patients at a cost of acquisition ranging from $416.66 to $833.33 each. This is why Chiropractors often feel as if online advertising is so expensive.

Now, add the marketing funnel follow up campaign and let’s see what happens. If 625 people clicked the ads and the average bounce rate is 55% on ads - this is people that left the site without going past one page. You now have 281 who were interested enough to look around your site. Remember that you converted between 6 and 12 to new patients already so let’s say that 269 are still available to convert to new patients.

We all know that there is no way to convert 100% of the people that visit your website. Our goal is to convert many more than the 6 to 12 that originally converted. The goal in this scenario will be to convert another 28 visitors to new patients.

How Are We Going to Get Another 28 People or 10% to Convert?

  1. We will capture the potential patient's email address and phone number with a great offer
  2. We will structure a series of emails, texts and voice messages to educate and entice the potential patient to set an appointment with your practice
  3. We will “drip” on this potential patient with the series of communication
  4. We will use the potential patient's behavioral interactions with these emails, texts and voice messages to further refine and customize the drip for maximum conversion

Converting Leads to PatientsThere is never a traffic problem... only an offer problem. You just haven't been making the right offer, the right amount of times to convert more website visitors to new patients.

There is a very delicate way to structure this program so that it is interesting to the new patient and keeps them moving forward toward your goal without opting out. The process is extremely complex and time consuming and you can read more about it on our page titled- marketing-funnel.

Let’s see how the numbers break down now. You spent $5000 monthly on ads and you now have converted between 34 and 40 new patients. Adding in a monthly cost of $1500 for the marketing funnel, you’ve dropped your cost of patient acquisition to between $162.50 and $191.17. That’s a savings of between $254.16 and $642.16 per patient. ( In this example, start-up fees were excluded from costs for both the ads and funnel as they vary and are one time costs.)

If you practice medicine and average $8000 per treatment, you have now increased your margin between 3 and 8%.

One last thought. These marketing funnels don’t just work to increase conversion rate on online advertising, they also work perfectly on all traffic to your site. This includes organic traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic. And, many practices like the way the funnel recovers patients that missed appointments and more.

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