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Omnichannel Marketing for ChiropractorsThe purpose of our chiropractic marketing agency is to help your practice acquire new patients, retain current patients, maximize lifetime patient value, and increase ROI. We utilize website design, search engine optimization, online advertising, marketing funnels, email, text, voice messaging, an automated report of findings, and a call center to help you build a more successful chiropractic practice.

The basic purpose of marketing your practice:

  1. Make people aware that you exist
  2. Educate and nurture them so that they decide that your practice is the one to treat them
  3. Convert them to a patient
  4. Retain and maximize the lifetime value of each patient
We offer many programs to help achieve a high level of success:
  • $299 one-time program that includes texting up to 1000 of your patients and emailing your entire patient list 3 times over a 3-week period. This is meant to be an inexpensive way for a smaller practice to try some of our services before committing to a longer term and larger package. This is very useful to fill a webinar, bring patients in for a special offer or get patients to the office for normal treatments.

  • Omnichannel program. This is a very robust marketing funnel. It works with your website and any advertising that you may do. We collect phone numbers and emails from as many qualified people as possible by offering something of value in exchange for their contact info. These offers are called lead magnets. It is very easy utilizing Facebook ads to exchange info for the contact info that we desire for your funnel.

On your website, we often use a video or pain screening that a potential patient must sign in to view, or a whitepaper of some sort…maybe a book that the doctor has written, etc., to capture the contact info. We then educate the potential patient and move them toward an appointment.

Here’s an example of one of our pain screenings:

Another way we capture information is through our text engagement program. This can be used on your website or nearly any digital, print and even TV and radio ads.

Omnichannel Marketing for Doctors

I have mocked up a sample on this number. Play along and see if it feels like you are texting with a doctor. When you try this sample text program, the voice message that you will get assumes that you have filled out the pain screening that we emailed you as part of this engagement program. In real life, after 3 hours, if the patient has not filled out the screening, they get a ringless call from the doctor urging him or her to fill out the screening. When it is completed, they get the completed screening message. This is very effective!

There are most often several hundred pieces of content in the Omnichannel. The emails range from research articles and clinical trial results to testimonial videos from happy patients. We also add videos from the doctor and the team.

Omnichannel Markting FunnelsThe texts and ringless voice messages are very effective, and all nudge the potential patient to come into the practice. We provide scripts for the med staff to use in recording the voice messages.

There are even more uses for the Omnichannel. When a patient sets an appointment, we send the patient paperwork and follow up with several testimonials from happy patients to help keep them excited prior to arrival. This reduces the no show rate. We chase down missed appointments with voice messages, emails, and texts. It is very effective when the patient gets a voice message that feels as if the doctor left it personally.

When you have seen a patient in the office, and that person has not yet decided if they would like to undergo treatment, your staff clicks the appropriate button on our “management” screen, and the education and nurture process begins. Whether they have knee pain, neuropathy, back pain or just have interest in any of your treatments, the correct campaign is implemented.

The staff can also access a secure “leads” page at any time to make follow up calls easy. When the patient has filled out a pain screening, all their answers are in that system, and they are extremely easy to access with a single click. This makes follow up calls to set appointments much more successful.

Online Ads for Chiropractic Practices Online ads. We often utilize Facebook to introduce potential patients to your practice. In an average-sized market, we are generating between 162 and 177 leads per month with a $1000 ad spend.

Facebook ads are mild interest. I say this because the prospective patient was not likely searching for a solution for a healthcare issue when they saw your ad. Therefore, the Omnichannel is critical to success with Facebook ad campaigns. The program weeds out the people that would waste your time and funnels down to the people with genuine interest and moves them to schedule an appointment.

A very strong byproduct of Facebook ads is that we are building the list of people that we can market to on your behalf. One of the keys to successful marketing is to constantly build and increase the size of your list.

Google and Bing advertising work effectively too. The leads generated from the search engines are high interest.

These people were seeking a solution to a healthcare issue online when they found you. So, Google and Bing ads have a higher cost per click than Facebook leads but have a high conversion rate. Bing comes installed on most PC’s. Most elder people do not change from Bing to Google because they either don’t know how or don’t want to make changes. These people are a primary market for joint pain or osteoarthritis treatments, and therefore Bing is producing well for us. It is a good idea to split your monthly ad budget between Google, Facebook and Bing.

Websites for DoctorsWebsites play a key role in all digital marketing. Many of the prospective patients will be brought back through the website as part of the customer journey. At the minimum, people in the Omnichannel will be directed to the site to book an appointment.

The websites that we design, or redesign, are created as patient acquisition machines. Statistically, a very strong website – those in the top 2% of all websites- will convert 5.2% of all visitors to patient appointments. So, statistically, for every 100 site visitors, the best sites generate 5 new patients. Unfortunately, most sites are not in the top 2% and convert at 1 or 2%. So, for every 100 visitors, you will see 1 to 2 new patients.

Our websites typically convert at around 10%. This happens for 2 reasons. First, we are a team of very well-established digital marketers and search engine optimization pros. Second, I speak at Medical Conferences monthly that are attended by MDs, NPs, and chiropractors. I take team members with me to select events, and we learn the same way the doctors in the group learn. We understand functional, chiropractic and related areas of chiropractic care better than perhaps any other agency in this space. We specialize in this space.

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