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chiropractic Marketing FunnelFor years getting found in the organic rankings on page one was a pretty sure-fire way to generate a lot of new patients for just about any chiropractic practice. As the Internet became more competitive and online marketing became more important to chiropractors the game changed. Now it takes strong marketing language to be the site selected from the organic rankings. You must create your website with marketing messages, a funnel, and a strategy to convert visitors to patients.

What is a funnel?

A customer optimization funnel moves people through the steps of the customer journey.

What is the customer journey or in this case, the patient journey? There are 3 stages to the customer journey and consequently your funnel.

  • Stage one (top of funnel) – Awareness. This is where people become aware of you and your service. This stage is where we drive “cold traffic” to your site. Cold traffic is people that don’t know you yet. We do this with organic rankings, Google local listings, and/or paid ads on social media as well as Google.
  • Stage two (middle of funnel)– Evaluation. This is where people evaluate you as the solution to their problem. We do this with well written content. Blog posts, videos, email, text messages and more.
  • Stage three (bottom of funnel)- Conversion. At this stage we entice the site visitor to convert to a new patient.

As you can see, online marketing for chiropractors demands a strategy and a well-educated marketer to be successful.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Plays an Important Role in Successful Online Marketing.

How Online Marketing Works For ChiropractorsCRO is the process of increasing the number of people that convert on your website. Conversion does not occur simply because someone reached your website. Conversion requires strategy.

We develop conversion strategies by analyzing data so that we can improve the decision process regarding the site. With our help, our clients make decisions regularly concerning the direction of their online marketing and digital strategy. Attempting to make those decisions without real data creates failures. Failure is not an option when you hire us as your digital marketing company.

What Is Affordable Online Marketing for Chiropractors?

This is a really tricky question. Affordable is directly relevant to doctor’s viewpoint. There are business owners that think everything regarding the Internet should be free. There are others that know that the most successful businesses online are using a professional SEO and online marketing and that costs money.

In the business of online marketing there are many stories of business owners that bought the cheapest service they could find and did irreversible damage to their URL. Forbes magazine published an interesting article that claims that SEO or online marketing that costs less than $500 per month is snake oil.

What Is Affordable Online Marketing for Chiropractors?The pricing of local SEO and online marketing services varies greatly. It’s dependent on how well you want to do in the organic rankings and local listings. It’s possible to start with a small budget and as you see results add to your budget thus your results. If you really want to be an extremely visible and successful online marketer, it takes an investment.

If you think about hiring a local online marketer for a minute. Think about what he or she needs to do for you and whether you want to hire a really good digital marketer or not. Also think about what you will get in return. If the marketer is good and understands marketing, your return should be huge. This person will probably get a fee of about 10% of the increase in your business annually

Online marketer’s only have their time and expertise to sell. Unlike many business, they can’t order more of their product (time) from a wholesaler and have it delivered in a few days. So, the better the digital marketer, the higher the rate. It’s simple supply and demand. But a good online marketing team will far outperform an average marketer or sole practitioner.

A Good Online Marketing Firm for Chiropractors Is Comprised of a Team, Not Just One Person

Here, at Just Click It Digital Marketing, we have multiple certified specialists in all areas of our trade. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media and digital marketing. This combination of specialists ensures your success. It also means that if one person is on vacation or out sick, you don’t have to wait until they return for service.

If you want to succeed online call us at (727) 777-7266 and talk with one of our specialists about your practice and your plans and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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