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Medical Website Design

Does your website bring you more than 15 new patients per month?

  • FACT: Your website is the online face of your practice to the world
  • FACT: Your website often creates the first impression potential patients form about you and your practice
  • FACT: The best medical website design will represent the quality and professionalism of your practice and the treatment options you provide while converting visitors into new patients at a low cost of acquisition.

medical website design services

Medical Website Design Services

Our team of designers and developers are ready to build you the custom website that represents your regenerative medicine practice well, drives traffic and converts that new traffic into new stem cell patients at a low cost of acquisition. Here's an example.
Whether you have a clear idea of the type of website you want, a vague concept of the look or feel, or just know you need a more successful site, our team will give you exactly what you’re looking for.
Your website should not only look great, but it should also convert visitors to new consultations and appointments at a low cost of acquisition.

How to Increase Patient Volume in a Stem Cell Practice

Increasing patient volume to your stem cell or regenerative medicine practice should be the number one job of your website. A beautiful, modern medical website design that provides a great user experience plays a big part in a successful patient acquisition strategy.

When your website is easy to use, understand, and navigate it’s easier for a site visitor to select you as the right medical provider for him or her.

User experience also plays a crucial role in your Google rankings. Google has a team of individuals that rate websites manually. The user experience, and its importance is well outlined in the 200-page manual that these individuals use as their guideline. The job that these people do is in addition to the automated site rating done by Google robots.

We adhere to the 200 pages Google guidelines for the site raters so your site will be spot on.

How to Acquire a Steady Flow of Stem Cell Patients

Having a very good medical website design is not enough to increase patient volume. Before a potential patient can become comfortable with your website and select you as the right doctor to perform his or her stem cell therapy he or she must be able to find the site. This is where a perfectly designed website becomes a very valuable component of your patient acquisition strategy. A website that is successful at bringing new patients to your practice, stated very simply, is dependent on three pillars:

  • A very good technical structure
  • Great content
  • Quality backlinks

stem cell marketing

A website that masters each of these three items will rank well on the major search engines and attract significant traffic. On average, our medical website designs that have been designed correctly, experience a traffic increase of more than 300 potential new patients monthly as compared to the doctor's previous website. This increased traffic typically converts to between 16 and 24 additional new patients monthly.

The technical structure is very important to the success of a website for several reasons. The first being that Google will be better able to read and understand your website when there are no technical errors blocking their robots. When Google can access, read, and understand your site you will rank better and be positioned to acquire new patients.

The second reason for a very good technical structure is that it helps your site load faster. A fast loading site ranks better and has a lower bounce rate. The bounce rate is based upon the people that visit one page of your site and leave. When your site loads slowly, people click the back button before ever seeing your site.

Upwards of 40% of visitors will bail out on a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Amazon found that for every additional second their site took to load, they lost 10% of sales.

Your visitors are too valuable to waste. Most of the doctors that we work with are in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. The average patient value is $8000.00 but can be much higher, so for every potential patient that leaves a site before it loads, the doctor has potentially lost $8000.00 or more in revenue. This is the true reason that a very strong technical structure is critical to your success.

Content can bring you new patients or scare them off. Well researched and written content that addresses the internet searchers intent will be far more successful than content that has not been written to address intent. A good marketing team, like ours, understands the intent behind keyword searches and how to best position your content to take advantage of that intent. This is partially why the medical website designs that we produce and market generate an average of $138,560.00 in monthly revenue for our clients. Is your website increasing your revenue similarly?

Backlinks are an important part of your success online. Your website team should have all of your directory submissions and backlinks matched perfectly. It’s not often the case and most doctors don’t have any idea that the links are less efficient than they could be.

medical website maintenance

Website Maintenance

We also offer maintenance and webmaster services for added convenience to our clients. Site hosting and unlimited live updates to your site are included in our website maintenance packages.

Anytime you need to make changes to your site, whether it’s advertising the current promotions, adding photos or videos, or new services, just send it over to your project manager. Our team will get the updates done within 48 hours (or on an emergency basis, immediately -- we know there are some things that just can’t wait).

Our Medical Website Design & Creation Process
medical website consult

The first step of any medical website design project is to do an in-depth consultation with you, our client, to learn all about your practice, your goals, and what you would like to get from your website that you aren’t currently getting.

During this phase of the web design process, your input is crucial. We want to hear any and all ideas for the site, including examples of other sites you like, what colors or styles you have in mind, and any other input you or your team may have. Don’t worry, if you want to give our team carte blanche to come up with the entire design, that’s fine, too!

Once your project manager has a clear vision of what you’re looking for out of your new website, it will go into production.

create a medical website

Let the magic begin! This is where our design and development teams work to bring your new site to life.

All sites we build are custom-designed and hand-coded by our team, with expert care. Every site we create is also responsive, so whether your users are visiting your site on a large monitor, a small laptop, a tablet, or a phone, your site will automatically adjust to display as it should, according to the screen size.

The creation phase will normally take between six and eight weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the site. You will of course approve the design before we build the entire site.

best medical website design

Once the site has been designed and built, it’s your chance to review our work and request any last changes before it goes live. When we have your final approval, our IT team will launch your new website, taking it live on the internet, ready to bring you more business than ever before.

top medical website design

Our help doesn’t end there! Now that your site is live, our team will maintain it and keep it producing new patients for you.

We can act as your webmaster, performing any needed changes to your site on an ongoing basis, keeping it hosted securely, with all necessary updates attended to regularly. Leave the techy stuff to our team with an all-inclusive website maintenance package.

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