Marketing During the Slow Down

Multiple Docs asked what to do with marketing during this slow down. I want to share a few things that I've learned having lived thru several severe economic downturns. I've been able to thrive in downturns even when competitors fail. I watched seemingly strong competitors go out of business while we picked up their market […]

How To Market Regenerative Medicine

Offering regenerative medicine to patients is an educational process. Unlike many treatment protocols, regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy requires a more thorough understanding prior to a patient opting for treatment. There are many articles online that may influence the patient negatively, so your practice needs to educate the patient with a flow of positive, […]

Emailing Your Patients is Easy

You’ve been seeing patients for years. You probably have their email addresses. How many of them might be interested in a free consultation about regenerative medicine? You’re literally sitting on a pot of gold…okay…a stack of cash. Pot of gold just sounds so cool. How do you get the message to all your past and […]

Reputation Management for Doctors

As a Doctor, what should you do if you receive a bad online review? The very first thing to do is ...nothing...that is... until you cool off. Our businesses and reputations are like our children, attack one or the other and we want to attack back but that’s a really bad idea. Reputation management is […]

Online Reviews For Doctors

Most Doctors know that online reviews are very helpful.They can improve the flow of new patients to any practice. The challenge many Drs face is figuring out how to get reviews from happy patients. Patients that are not happy are quick to post a review...but happy patients aren’t as likely to take the time to […]

Digital marketing is talked about constantly but rarely clearly defined in plain English. So here it is: Digital marketing is the way businesses connect with potential clients on the Internet and through the use of technology. It utilizes a well-built website, search engine optimization, content marketing, marketing funnel, social media, online advertising, email marketing, online […]

Is Anyone Getting New Patients From Just Click It Digital Marketing?

Getting new patients is what our whole business model is based upon. We don’t flood your email with “great news” about how many impressions or clicks your site has had. We base our success on how many new patients came through your door willing to write a check for regenerative services. If you ask Dr […]

Increase Patient Volume In A Medical Practice

We’re often asked; How to increase the patient volume in a stem cell practice. Here’s the answer according to what we see working for Doctors across the country: Create a profile for the exact type of patient that you would like to attract to your practice. Establish a good offer with specificity that addresses a […]

Marketing Strategies For Doctors

There is never a traffic problem…only an offer problem. Have you heard this before? Think about it for a second, there are plenty of people searching for your services online every day…they’re just not seeing, or selecting, your offer. Solid digital marketing strategies solve the offer problem and bring in new patients at a low […]

How Medical Marketing Works For Doctors

For years getting found in the organic rankings on page one was a pretty sure-fire way to generate a lot of new patients for just about any medical practice. As the Internet became more competitive and online marketing became more important to doctor the game changed. Now it takes strong marketing language to be the […]