We’re often asked; How to increase the patient volume in a stem cell practice. Here’s the answer according to what we see working for Doctors across the country: Create a profile for the exact type of patient that you would like to attract to your practice. Establish a good offer with specificity that addresses a […]

There is never a traffic problem…only an offer problem. Have you heard this before? Think about it for a second, there are plenty of people searching for your services online every day…they’re just not seeing, or selecting, your offer. Solid digital marketing strategies solve the offer problem and bring in new patients at a low […]

For years getting found in the organic rankings on page one was a pretty sure-fire way to generate a lot of new patients for just about any medical practice. As the Internet became more competitive and online marketing became more important to doctor the game changed. Now it takes strong marketing language to be the […]

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