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Marketing Funnels for Doctors

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

Perhaps more importantly, how can a marketing funnel help a Chiropractor increase his revenue?

Many Chiropractors are getting traffic from Google ads, organic rankings, and social media but they just aren’t getting enough return on the investment they’ve made in generating that traffic. Why does this happen?

The first thing you should know is that a really well built and marketed website will convert 5% of visitors to patients on their first visit. An average website will convert around 2 to 3% and a poorly performing site will convert less than 1%.

So how can you convert more website visitors to patients?

This is where the marketing funnel comes into play. I’m not talking about how your website content should funnel a visitor through the stages of the customer journey. But the two do work hand-in-hand.

The Patient Journey

  1. A potential patient is introduced to the practice online
  2. Education occurs so that he/she decides you are the right Chiropractor for him/her
  3. The person becomes a new patient – the conversion
  4. This process works to raise your conversion rate from low single digits to 5%

If you have 500 visitors to your site monthly, you should be seeing 25 new patients as a result. And if your average revenue per patient is $600, you should see around $15,000 in revenue from that traffic. If your revenue is not average $600, check out how to get there with our report of findings and patient retention program.

So, how do you maximize the remaining visitors so that you double your patient flow for cash services?

The marketing funnel is sometimes called a drip program because it automatically emails, texts and sends ringless voice messages to people on a regular basis that have opted to view a particular piece of content on your website.

Medical Practice Email Drip Campaign

What Does an Email Drip Mean Exactly?

Let’s assume that you have a prospective patient opt to view a video on your site. In order to view this video, he must provide his email address and/or phone number. Let’s say that the video he watched was about a special treatment you offer and how it works.

Now we know that we have someone at least mildly interested in treatment and we have his email and or phone number. We may immediately send him an email verification that she must click in order to view the video. This gives us a very valuable “double opt-in.”

Soon after she watches the video she receives an email or text from the Doctor – this is an automated event and happens without the Doc even thinking about it. At precisely calculated intervals over the next several weeks she receives more texts and emails from the Doctor that offer relevant information about the value of having this treatment.

His behavior surrounding these emails “triggers” more targeted emails. If she clicks on an email about knee pain, the drip automatically adjusts to sending his emails about helping knee pain relief. If she clicks on an email about hip pain, the drip automatically adjusts to hip pain information and so on.

These drip campaigns often contain several hundred well-crafted texts and emails – no one person gets them all. These are well branded and created with the perfect amount of marketing to nudge this potential patient into your office… but not so much as to put him off. They may include case studies, video’s, Q&As, important info or more. You can even send him a gift from this drip. This is a great time to send a copy of a book you’ve written on the subject. This will naturally adjust the drip in a new, targeted direction.

Email Marketing Campaigns for DoctorsThere are several good programs on the market that enable you to structure your drip campaigns, create the marketing emails, set up reporting so you know how well it’s working and more. Infusionsoft is probably the most well known and works well with text programs but Clickfunnels, Icontact and Constant Contact are all pretty well-respected brands.

Setting up campaigns is very complex in any program and rather time-consuming. The time frame to set this up properly so that it produces well is about 2 months. Developing the perfect email content requires a tremendous investment in time for the most talented digital marketers.

What Chiropractor Has The Time To Set Up A Successful Email Drip?

No successful Doctor has the time to do this. You don’t have to have the time to do this. We work with hundreds of Chiropractors. Over the last several years, we have developed, and continually enhance, content that converts tremendously well in our funnels. This content, and custom content, available to all Chiropractors that work with us to build and manage their campaigns. It’s like we have a chiropractic marketing funnel template that is highly successful so your risk is minimized!

So, are you ready to increase your revenue with a good marketing funnel? Remember that this text and email program is already proven.

Call us and let’s discuss how a well developed marketing funnel can help grow your practice. (727) 777-7266.