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Is Text Marketing Effective For Chiropractors?

With an average of a 98% open rate (compared to a pretty good open rate on email marketing lying around the 24% mark), text messages are undoubtedly effective at getting your message in front of potential patients’ eyes.

Can you imagine getting your marketing message read by 98 out of every 100 potential patients? Those open rates are simply unheard of, save only perhaps for the very earliest days of email marketing when every single email you received was a novelty.

Imagine being able to invite 100 people that visited your site and filled out a form to the office with a special offer and have 98 of them open it and read it! You know that they are qualified prospective patients because they filled out a form on your website.

Perhaps the potential patient searched knee pain treatment online and found your website. They were a little too timid to call and instead filled out a form. Your team is so busy that no one can respond quickly enough. Did you know that statistically if you don’t respond within 3 to 5 minutes, the patient goes to another practice? Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically text that person and know that 98 out of 100 will open it? Would this increase the new patient flow? You bet it does.

There is no better way to get your message in front of a new or existing patient than with text marketing. Now that your message is getting right to your target market, we need to use it to get a response from them.

Getting Responses From Text Marketing

The convenience of text messaging is a large portion of its appeal to users, and by giving patients a simple and fast way to respond to you, response rates can often be significantly higher than they are on other mediums, such as email.

Getting Responses From Text MarketingFor instance, when working on getting a new patient in for their first visit, a series of text messages can be set up that pulls the user through the patient journey, with targeted and personalized messaging that is interactive, encouraging the patient to answer texts in ways that feel conversational and tailored to their complaint.

We’ve actually set up a test number for you to try out and see how it works. Imagine you’re suffering from knee pain, and you text the word “knee” to (727) 295-3660. Go ahead and text back and forth with this system to see how it works for you!

After this interaction, the patient is then sent a pain screening which will take them through a series of questions that get them to see how far along their pain really is, and then they get set up for an initial consultation. A lot quicker, more convenient, and more effective than traditional email marketing or paid ads, wouldn’t you say? In fact, no other marketing method quite compares with texting in today’s day and age.

That’s why we include text marketing in our omnichannel marketing programs, as well as offer it as a standalone service. If you’d like to use text marketing effectively to help you get more new patients, and drive in your existing patients for more frequent visits, reach out to a marketing specialist with Just Click It Digital Marketing today.

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