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Is Anyone Getting New Patients From Just Click It Digital Marketing?

Getting new patients is what our whole business model is based upon. We don’t flood your email with “great news” about how many impressions or clicks your site has had. We base our success on how many new patients came through your door willing to write a check for regenerative services.

If you ask Dr An at Campbell Medical in Houston, she’ll tell you that her business is growing, and we play big part in her success. She may even tell you how many new patients she sees a day from our efforts – a hint it’s more than many Docs get in a month from their old sites. She’s so happy that she refers her friends to us on a regular basis.

Ask Dr Koenig from Physical Medicine of Oklahoma about how we’re doing for him and he’ll tell you that he sees 5 to 7 new patients a week from our efforts. Consider that these are services that average $8000 in revenue each and you can easily see why he likes us.

Dr Malay may tell you that her former SEO company sent her a very excited email telling her that she was up 62%. They didn’t realize that they had no access to her site and that we made that happen. She fired them and is extremely happy with the flow of new patients that she’s seeing from her site since we took over.

Dr Monaghan told us that he is usually very hard on digital marketing agencies that he hires but he likes us. He likes our work and his rankings and leads shot up like a rocket as soon as took the site live. He had 8 people fill out forms on his site in the first 13 days requesting services. Statistically more people will call than fill out a form, so it sure sounds like he’s busy.

Dr Tobenas is in a highly competitive market…maybe not as big as Houston where Dr An is or Dallas where Dr Malay is…but none-the-less a seriously competitive market. We took his new site live on a Monday and by Wednesday his site had over 1200 first page rankings. He is doing well in Orlando and the affluent suburbs surrounding the city.

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