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Take a few minutes to tell us about your practice. Be as thorough as possible so your results will be of real value to you. The system that we've designed will create a plan based on our extensive experience performing digital marketing for practices across the US.

Your results will appear automatically when you click submit. No contact info is necessary. Please allow 60 seconds for the report to generate. If you would like to discuss your results, please call us at (727) 777-7266.

Ok (name), I'd like to meet with my team and go over this data and see how what it will take to help you reach your goals.

The next step for the 2 of us is to set up a call to go over our plan. Before we do this and invest a bunch of time in developing a plan...are you prepared to take your marketing to the next level? (wait for response) OK... good, the next thing I need to share with you is the only requirement on our part to move forward. I need you to promise me that everyone on your side that has input as far as making a decision is on the webinar that we're going to set up to go over the plan.

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