Nearly 600 integrated practices across the nation have partnered with us to harness the power of digital marketing, propelling their growth and expanding their reach in the community.

Our extensive experience in this specialized field allows us to craft a successful digital strategy for your practice that not only captures the essence of integrated care but also engages and educates your patients at every touchpoint.

Driving Traffic with SEO

A Website That Embodies Integrated Care

Your website is the cornerstone of your online identity. It’s the digital embodiment of your practice’s philosophy, blending various healthcare disciplines into one cohesive narrative. Our approach to web design is patient-centric, intuitive, and responsive, ensuring that visitors can easily discover the wealth of services you offer. We create digital experiences that are not just visually appealing but also deeply informative, reflecting the holistic care that is the hallmark of your practice.

Precision SEO for Targeted Visibility
With a tailored SEO strategy that leverages our extensive experience with integrated practices, we elevate your online presence. We meticulously research and implement targeted keywords that cover the full spectrum of your services, ensuring that whether a patient is seeking chiropractic adjustments or nutritional counseling, your practice appears prominently in their search results. Localized SEO ensures that your practice stands out in community searches, drawing in a patient base looking for comprehensive and convenient healthcare solutions.

Impactful PPC Campaigns for Quick Wins
Our finely tuned Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are designed to complement the long-term gains of SEO with immediate visibility. By focusing on precise demographics and behavior patterns, we position your practice in front of individuals actively seeking integrative healthcare solutions, maximizing your ad spend and boosting your return on investment.

Empowering Patients Through Education
We believe that an informed patient is an engaged one. Our content strategies are designed to educate and empower your patients. With a variety of educational materials ranging from blog posts to e-books, we help demystify complex treatments and promote the benefits of a proactive and integrative approach to health, thereby fostering trust and credibility for your practice.

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Healthcare Marketing for Integrated Practices

Enhancing the Report of Findings For Integrated Practices

The report of findings is a pivotal moment in patient care. We help you leverage digital tools to deliver these findings in a clear, engaging manner, enhancing patient understanding and adherence to care plans. Our digital strategies aim to make this process as seamless and impactful as possible, supporting patient engagement and retention.

Nurturing Leads into Lifelong Patients
Acquiring leads is just the start; nurturing them into lifelong patients is the art. Our lead nurture programs are the culmination of years of fine-tuning, providing a seamless flow of communication that keeps potential patients informed, interested, and ready to commit to your care.

Reactivating Engagement with Past Leads
Every lead is a seed that can be nurtured back to life with the right approach. We use data-driven insights and strategic outreach to rekindle interest among former patients or unconverted leads, reminding them of the unique offerings of your integrated practice and inspiring them to re-engage with your services.

Your integrated practice deserves a digital marketing strategy as comprehensive and patient-focused as the care you provide. With our proven track record of enhancing the digital presence of nearly 600 integrated practices nationwide, we are poised to help your practice thrive in the digital realm, attract and retain patients, and stand out as a leader in integrative healthcare.