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How to Market Regenerative Medicine

Offering regenerative medicine to patients is an educational process. Unlike many treatment protocols, regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy requires a more thorough understanding prior to a patient opting for treatment. There are many articles online that may influence the patient negatively, so your practice needs to educate the patient with a flow of positive, truthful information.

In order to market regenerative medicine effectively, use a multifaceted approach.

  1. Your website should provide well-researched and well-written content that educates the patient.
  2. You should have a “lead magnet” that will capture the email addresses of as many site visitors as possible.
  3. Your marketing funnel should email, text and deliver voice messages to potential patients that provide information to help the patient see regenerative medicine as a viable treatment protocol.
  4. You should use testimonial videos in your funnel of past patients that show how well the treatments have worked for them. One great idea is to have a video of the patient prior to treatment, one at three weeks post-treatment and another at three months post-treatment. This helps potential patients see a clear path to a better life.
  5. Research articles that show the efficacy of the treatment protocol should be emailed and/or texted to potential patients as well.

This educational process is critical to your success. Remember, when this is done correctly, the patient is going to opt for a cash service with an average case value of $6000 to $8000. This is not like a treatment protocol that is covered by insurance, and therefore an easy decision for the patient.

The most successful practices in the regenerative and stem cell field are master marketers. The practice owners understand the value of marketing and the importance of using a multifaceted approach and a knowledgeable agency that specializes in marketing for regenerative medicine.

Any profitable patient acquisition strategy relies on generating a strong flow of potential new patients, or traffic to your website. Digital marketing is far more successful than traditional media, so the most cost-effective “leads” will come from the Internet.

Recently Google threw a wrench in the works for many practices by announcing that they would no longer accept advertising for regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, PRP or anything related. This goes beyond the ad itself and includes any website that includes these terms. So, you can no longer run a knee pain ad that drops to a page mentioning regenerative medicine. This stance does not affect the organic rankings and most likely never will.

SEO Regenerative Medicine MarketingHere are a few very profitable ways to generate traffic to your practice:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) has always generated the most cost-effective leads. When a potential patient goes to the Internet to find a solution for his or her condition and finds you ranked highly in the organic rankings, you are in a great position to get a high quality, low-cost lead. There is a perception that those found well in the organic (non-paid) rankings are more legitimate than websites found in the paid ads.

This is not necessarily true, but perception is reality for the searcher. There are statistics that show a high portion of Internet searchers pass over the ads and go directly to the organic rankings. The doctors that work with us are typically found in the top 3 spots on Google and other search engines for hundreds of relevant terms.

2. Facebook ads work very well at uncovering potential patients with a milder level of interest than the search engines. Target people who have searched for certain conditions, injuries, etc. on Facebook. Perhaps you’ve noticed that having a certain conversation near your smartphone will subject you to ads on Facebook that are related to that conversation.

Facebook ads work because the target patient has searched or discussed the subject matter, so they have had some level of interest. These people are not as strongly interested as those that searched for a solution today on Google or Bing, but still show a discernible level of interest. These people are perfect for targeting with ads, getting into your funnel, and nurturing with emails, texts and voice messages to separate the non-qualified from the qualified.

3. Bing ads bring well-qualified prospects to your website, too. The average age of a patient for regenerative treatment is older than for many other treatments. When older people buy computers, Bing is the default search engine and they don’t often change it. So, Google may have a significantly larger market share, but Bing may have an older user base.

4. Retargeting or remarketing is very effective. Most of us have seen this in action. Let’s assume you search online for a new desk for the office. Suddenly you see ads everywhere for the website that you visited that sells office desks. This may seem annoying at times, but it increases the effectiveness of your marketing program and works for nearly any product or service, and we’re seeing great success with regenerative medicine.

These are just a few ways to generate new patient flow to your practices. If you would like to discuss an effective patient acquisition strategy or talk about how we can effectively market regenerative medicine for your practice, give us a call at (727) 777-7266.

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