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How to Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

Is digital marketing the best way to make your dental practice stand out? Can you bring in new patients this way? Will it also help retain patients?

The answer is YES!

And…here are some ideas that will help you.

  1. You can run a patient referral bonus program that will reward both the existing patient and the new one. Putting their oral health at the forefront while helping them save money at the same time can create loyalty and rapport that lasts for years. Use email and text marketing to accomplish this.
  2. Have a carefully crafted message that speaks to your ideal customer. By creating an avatar of your perfect patient, your marketing messages can be tailored to exactly who you are looking to bring to the practice. These messages will resonate with those specific people, calling them to you above other practices who are more generic in their approach. Our team of certified digital marketing professionals can help you craft your avatar and the messaging to your target market. We know the challenges you face, and we help practices work through them, with effective digital marketing that leads to more patients and a higher caseload.
  3. Maximize your social media & digital presence. With 3.5 BILLION searches done on Google every single day, your new patients are out there, searching online. Our job as your digital marketing agency would be to make sure you are found where they are looking and leading them to you. We bring traffic to your website through beautiful website design, search engine optimization techniques, and other digital marketing tactics like paid ads, email marketing, and omnichannel marketing. Our job doesn’t stop there! We aim to convert as many of those visitors into leads as possible, and we average a conversion rate of 8-14% – much higher than the industry standard.
  4. Create a digital marketing funnel that turns visitors into patients. Getting a beautiful web presence is the start. Driving traffic to your website is the next step. But what happens then? A portion of people will convert on that first visit. Our team works to get that to be as high of a percentage as possible through helpful content, an easy-to-navigate site, and an intuitive user experience; we make it easy for people to reach out to you. But somewhere between 80 & 97% of users will probably not reach out on that first visit. And that’s where a marketing funnel comes into play. By capturing those identities of your site visitors and keeping your messaging in front of them, we make sure that when they do reach for the phone to call a dentist, it’s you that’s first on their mind. This is done through email marketing drip campaigns, online ads, even texting, and more.

You have a lot to worry about keeping your practice running and profitable while delivering excellent patient care. Just Click It Digital Marketing is here to handle your online presence and your digital marketing campaigns to help keep your practice full. Give us a call to set up your free strategy planning session, and let’s work out how your practice is going to stand out from the competition.

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