How to Get More Out of Your Marketing Budget

Most practices have set marketing budgets each month that don’t fluctuate a whole lot. Maximizing that existing budget to get the most new patients, the most name recognition, and the most new eyeballs is key to growing your practice. Here are a number of proven methods of how to get more out of your marketing budget.

1. Boost your organic presence

Few marketing strategies can get you as far, for as long, as building your organic presence can. That’s the section of sites that are found “organically.” That refers to the actual results for a search, not the paid ads section of Google or Bing.

When it comes to bang for your buck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more effective than search engine optimization. There are virtually endless keywords that potential site visitors will search to find your services online, which gives you many ways to be found by future patients. The best part is there is no cap on how many times you can get found for each of these search terms. By filling your site with useful and informative content that answers potential searchers’ queries, your site can appear in the organic results for practically infinite keywords, and multiple pages on your site can often appear in the results.
The higher your site appears in the rankings, and the more times it appears, both lend themselves to more credibility and authority with prospective patients.

2. Increase your marketing list – email and text

The more potential patients you have to reach out to… well, the more new patients you might get. It’s a no-brainer, really, but sending your marketing messages to more people can be one of the fastest ways you can see more results. If you need help building your lists, our team of digital marketing experts can help. We use proven techniques to grow your “address book.”

3. Track results

Tracking results is a key part of finding out what is working, boosting it, and improving what could be performing better. This is applicable in all aspects of digital marketing – SEO, paid ads, email campaigns, and more. Each avenue has different metrics that our team monitors for clients, but by establishing what conversions, clicks, or calls are coming from which channels, we can tailor the program to be even more effective.

4. Do A/B testing on ads

The tiniest variances in ads can make huge differences in performance. An ampersand instead of the word “and,” a numeral instead of a written-out number, a question instead of a statement, two slightly different versions of the same message; these and many other factors can be A/B tested in your ads to find exactly what people respond to best. Once we have a winner, we can replace the “losing” ad with a new split test and start the process all over again, constantly working to find the best performing ads to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

5. Improve your content

Quantity of content is important, but if your content is poorly written or irrelevant to the point where it turns visitors into bounced sessions, that doesn’t do anyone a whole lot of good. With regular additions to your website content, visitors can find valuable content that answers their questions and leaves them wanting more, getting them to reach out as a lead or signing up for the mailing list.

Considering this content can also tie into point number one, this can be one of the best values for most practices looking to maximize their results from their marketing budget. More great content on your site means more ways for the search engines to display your site in the organic results. We offer plans that include monthly content to keep building your authority and attracting more and more new patients so you can focus on running your practice.

6. Drill down to identify your target market

Going along with points three and four, using split testing and drill down metrics, we can isolate your target market in many ways. We find them wherever they are on the web and make sure your message gets in front of their eyeballs. Whether that’s on social media, search engines, email, or via text messages, we can identify your target market and get your message to them over and over again to bring them to you.

7. Take advantage of videos

Are you doing videos for your business yet? Approximately 80% of all internet traffic is now in video form. If you haven’t gotten on that train yet, there’s never been a better time for it.

Whereas most searchers will retain about 10% of the text they read online, they retain 95% of the message they get in a video.

Building your practice’s video library gives future patients an easy way to get the information they want quickly and can be extremely effective for you! Video helps build a connection with the viewer, helping them decide that you’re the doctor for them.

Our team can incorporate these and other techniques into your digital marketing campaign, designing a program that will help you get the results you’re looking for from your website and marketing efforts. Reach out today to get your free strategy session, and let’s start planning for your success!