How Can I Grow My Chiropractic Practice?

Concentrate on more than patient care to grow your chiropractic practice. If you would like to create a practice that can run smoothly with or without you, learn the 5 most important skills that lead to consistent patient retention, patient attraction, increased profits, growth, and fewer hours worked for you. These are things you have likely not mastered or perhaps even considered:

  1. Manage your practice like a business school graduate.
  2. Utilize statistics so that you know exactly what is going on in your practice and make every team member accountable.
  3. Be acutely aware of what is not optimum in your practice and know-how to fix each non-optimum situation rapidly and realize this is a daily, weekly, and monthly process.
  4. Have organized expert-level training for each staff member so that you have an expert in each position. This will make them more productive, happier, and less likely to turn over.
  5. Have written procedures/policies and training so that you are not constantly training and retraining front desk, case managers, CAs, administrators, and providers personally, and everything is done correctly!

When you ask others the question- “how can I grow my chiropractic practice?” you’ve probably been told these 3 things:

  1. Provide more treatment to your current patients
  2. Keep your patients from seeking treatment elsewhere
  3. Attract a steady flow of new patients

These three things are important, but they are not enough because:

  • You can treat huge numbers of patients but if you have insurance reimbursement problems you won’t get properly paid.
  • You can spend huge dollars on marketing to create leads but if they are mishandled at the front desk, they will never come in for you to treat and you’ll hear things like the marketing isn’t working. I’ve never heard a front desk team say they were not doing a good job with callers, but audio recordings tell a different story.
  • If your case manager(s) can’t close high dollar cases consistently you will not have the patient base you want or the revenue you deserve. This happens because they either don’t have the sales skills needed or do not believe in the treatments themselves.
  • If your providers are unsure how to administer certain treatments or are not fully accepting of the treatment value, they will accidentally keep the patient from returning.

Here’s what happens all too often:

  • Your staff is telling you that they’re doing great when they aren’t. Just under 75% of surveyed employees stated that they aren’t reaching their full potential at work due to a lack of training and development opportunities. Nearly 88% of employees between the ages of 25 and 40 stated that job training is important, but they prefer to do it on their schedule, thus making online training perfect for them.
  • Staff are driving patients away without your knowledge because they don’t know how to handle them correctly. Just shy of 60% of employees claimed they had no workplace training and had to figure out the job on their own. Again, just under 75% of employees surveyed, said they would be open to learning new skills in order to do their job better.
  • There are holes in your practice that drain revenue that you don’t see because you don’t know how to look properly.
  • If you don’t know the truth about any area that is not producing at maximum efficiency you will likely make the wrong adjustments and make things worse. This may be the reason that only 25% of businesses with less that 50 employees make it 15 years or more.
  • If you don’t run your practice like a business, it won’t grow, and you will always work too many hours.
  • And if you are forced to train or retrain staff personally so you’re doing too much, not growing, and will likely get stuck in a revenue range.

Are you stuck at less than one million per year in revenue?

Most chiropractors are and they can’t find a way through that ceiling.

Why does this happen to so many chiropractors?

We see one of three reasons that chiropractors do not master the top 5 most important skills to grow your practice.

  • Most chiropractors don’t know the systems that are required to properly identify, fix, and retrain issues that are going on in their practices daily, weekly, and monthly. They didn’t go to business school and were never taught these things.
  • They are so busy working in their practices that they can’t find the time to work on their practices. The difference is when you work in your practice you are the technician that provides services and does the work. When you work on your practice you create ways to grow your practice and have others do the work very well. This is well illustrated in the popular book the E-Myth.
  • The last thing we see is far less comfortable to talk about. The chiropractor has become complacent and, in some cases, even lazy. He or she doesn’t look for what’s going on in the practice because things are comfortable, and he/she doesn’t want to upset the apple cart. He/she says things like “I know Jane at my front desk is not that good, but she’s been with me for years”, and “Well we’re not great salespeople, we’re a chiropractic clinic, so we can’t be expected to close a ton of high dollar cases, but we do get some”. Here’s one that drives me crazy, “I would like to offer more treatments, like injections, but my NP isn’t comfortable with them”, and the list goes on.

These kinds of comments are indicators of a thought process that will not help you grow your chiropractic practice and will prevent you from growing, increasing your revenue, and working fewer hours.

What’s the real answer to the question “how can I grow my chiropractic practice?”

  • Take charge and run the practice from a position of power as a business.
  • Knowledge is power so use statistics to gain that knowledge, numbers don’t lie. If a team member says I’m doing everything, but you don’t see the numbers on the graph, you’ll know the truth and what needs to be addressed.
  • TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! Professional athletes train and practice daily. Why…because it works. Put in an expert level training program for every person in the practice and make them the best in the industry. When people are well trained, they produce more, morale is higher, revenue increases, profits are higher, and turnover is lower! Did you know that employee turnover costs you between 50% and 150% of that person’s annual salary? Run those numbers on your turnover in the last 12 months and you’ll quickly implement training.
  • Statistics will make you acutely aware of what is, and what is not, optimum in your practice. Address the non-optimum immediately. This will improve every area of your practice.
  • Create procedures for everything. An expert report of findings will close more high-value cases. A great front desk script will keep them on track, less likely to talk about what they shouldn’t, and more appointments will be booked and show for treatment. Proper treatment protocols for providers will remove doubt and add to better outcomes and better patient retention. A well written, scripted, and practiced ROF will make your case managers much more effective.

This is the way to create a practice that can run smoothly with…or without… you!

We offer the 5 most important skills that you need to grow your practice in an affordable automated system.

The system includes training from top chiropractic industry and business development experts like Dr. David Singer, Dr. Sunny Gill, TR McManus, Dr. Brent Baldasare, Jessica Mood, ARNP, and many more. The training contains all the learning styles that work well for individuals. Some assimilate data more efficiently when they watch a video, some prefer reading, some need pictures, and graphics and still more need hands-on. It’s all in our Online Practice University.

Quizzes at the lesson’s end make sure your team members have learned the skills needed and can apply them properly. When they answer questions incorrectly, they are connected to the exact part of the video and/or written material to watch and study it again so they can learn it completely. There are scripts for the front desk, initial consultation, case managers, etc.

Our training includes things like:

  • Business management made easy, includes how to create and use statistics properly
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Case manager training
  • Provider training
  • Front desk training
  • How to add new services to your practice
  • And more – we also add new courses regularly

The best report of findings in the business

Our automated system enables your team to create a report of findings in less than 10 minutes that have been proven to help close cases like:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip, and small joints
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Spinal decompression
  • Neuropathy
  • Long term chiropractic care
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Meniscus tears
  • Bursitis
  • IV Nutrition
  • And more – there are 425 report variations available in the system
Your team can now close easily and for great case values!

These ROFs include the learning styles that are in our training programs. Patients also need video, written material, graphics, charts, video testimonials, and more and they are all included.

Our dashboard and statistic automation provides you with data like:

  • How well your team is closing cases
  • How many cases are pending
  • What the dollar volume is of cases closed, pending, and lost
  • The closing or conversion rate as well as what the conversion rate will be if pending cases are closed
  • Number of each type of ROF you have created in the selected date range
  • Percentage of each type of ROF generated that’s closed so you’ll know what areas need improvement and what areas are doing great!
  • Closing rate by team member helps you decide who needs training or retraining
  • The average dollar volume of each ROF generated
  • Statistics by each team member. It’s easy to use they just enter numbers in fillable spaces and the system creates the graphs. If they forget, we send them a little reminder
  • Tips on how to improve a statistic that is not where you want it and how to continue driving those good stats higher
  • How your team members are progressing through their training

Using this system is like hiring a business school grad to help run your practice and increase your profits…without the hefty price tag!