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Medical Email Marketing

You’ve been seeing patients for years. You probably have their email addresses. How many of them might be interested in a free consultation about regenerative medicine?

You’re literally sitting on a pot of gold…okay…a stack of cash. Pot of gold just sounds so cool.

How do you get the message to all your past and current patients that you now practice regenerative medicine?

Email them! It’s easy, it’s quick and pretty darn effective.

I know many of you are going to say that you don’t know what to say in an email. Well, I’ve added text for your email to the bottom of this page to make it easy.

The next potential speed bump is that you may not know how to email your patients. There are many email programs on the market that are easy to use and meant to be used by a novice. A few very popular ones are Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Both are easy to use and very inexpensive. You simply load your mailing list, create your email and fire it off.

If you use Keap, Infusionsoft or Click Funnels, they all offer email options and your list is probably already in the program.

Selling more service to your existing patients is far easier than finding new ones. These people already know you and trust you. They know you have their best interest at heart so reach out to them and bring in a bunch of new patients. You’ll be helping them and yourself.

Here’s the text for the email.

The Subject line: This is Dr X and I have something special to share with you

What is Regenerative Medicine and Why Are We So Excited About It for Our Patients?

Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs. This is accomplished by introducing new, young, healthy tissue that contains growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells into your body.

It’s a fact that your body has the innate ability to heal tissue that has been injured or is aging. This is accomplished when your body’s own stem cells perform the function they’re naturally designed to do, renew and repair cells.

Unfortunately, our natural stem cells and growth factors age as we do which makes them less efficient than those found in very young tissue. Think about how much more quickly a newborn heals as opposed to a 50-year-old person.

Our own stem cells begin diminishing sometime in our 30’s. This is partially why we start to see the effects of aging creep in upon us. The longer we live the further our natural stem cell count diminishes and the more we age.

Here’s what we’re taught about the way stem cells diminish in the body: 1

  • A newborn has 1 stem cell in every 10,000 cells in his or her body
  • A teen has 1 in every 100,000
  • At age 30 – 1 in every 250,000
  • Age 50 - 1 in every 400,000
  • At Age 80 1 in every 2,000,000

Depending on the size of the body, it is believed that the typical cell count in a human body ranges between 15 trillion and 70 trillion cells. 2

Is there any wonder why young people have so much more energy and heal so much more quickly than those of us with a few years on us?

Healthy, young and effective stem cells, like the ones we get from donated umbilical tissue, are found to be more effective and can differentiate, or change into the proper cell needed to heal an injury more efficiently than older cells.

Email Patients, It's pretty darn effective?For example, if you have lower back pain that emanates from a disc injury, your body needs one type of cell to repair the damage that is responsible for your pain. If you have joint pain resulting from damaged or degraded cartilage, another type of cell may be required to heal the injury. Stem cells and growth factors are the mechanisms that provide the proper cell type to heal your body.

Why do I feel that regenerative medicine utilizing donated umbilical cord tissue is superior to stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy refers to a procedure that relies on harvesting your own stem cells and reintroducing them to your body. There are primarily two ways to harvest these cells.

Bone marrow transplants are begun by drilling a hole into your femur or hip and inserting a tube to extract the marrow. This can be very painful. The marrow is then processed for the stem cells and the cells are re-introduced to your body. The cells are as old as you are.

When we consider the very first thing stem cells do when introduced to the body, we see why this may not be the best procedure. Stem cells “home in” on the area of the body that needs them most. If you just had a hole drilled into a bone and a tube tapped into the bone…doesn’t it stand to reason that many of the stem cells will home in on that injury as opposed to the intended area?

The second popular stem cell therapy begins with extracting adipose – fat – from your body then processing it for cells. Fat cells are an area that the body utilizes to store toxins. Adipose derived stem cells may be subject to the effect of those toxins. This may be among the reasons that the government is instituting programs to stop the use of adipose in stem cell therapy.

If you are suffering from any type of pain or the effects of aging and would like to find out if regenerative medicine may help you get back to feeling like you again, call us. I’m happy to give you a free consultation so you can make an informed healthcare decision.

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