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Case Study Physical Medicine of Oklahoma

Case Study Physical Medicine of Oklahoma

Dr. Koenig had a very ordinary website that brought few, if any, new patients to his practice. He was found on page one of the organic rankings on Google for his name, his practice name and the term “trigger point injections”. Although he has been a very successful Doctor for many years, his website was lacking and not generating a significant stream of new patients and increased revenue.

Dr. Koenig’s desire was to acquire a minimum of six (6) new patients monthly from his website. His intention was to shift the emphasis of his website from Chiropractic care and focus on Regenerative Medicine.

The team at JCIDM was tasked with creating an upscale, well designed and optimized website that would not only be found well in the organic rankings but also attract visitors and convert a good number of those visitors to new patients.

Below are multiple snapshots of our tracking software that illustrate the success of our work for Dr. Koenig. His website is www.physicalmedicineok.com. Our work was launched on the Internet in mid-October 2018.

NOTE: there are multiple snapshots for this website included. The website is found in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (OKC) and Edmond Ok. We felt that it was important to separate these areas for tracking purposes. The website has just shy of two thousand (2000) keywords and key phrases found on page one of the Google organic rankings.

As we do with all our client's, we track Dr. Koenig’s site and compare his results against his three (3) top competitors. His local competitors in Oklahoma City are Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers, Revive Clinic, And Oklahoma Pain Center.

Notice in the second snapshot labeled "Feature B” that his competitors in the Edmond market are different than those in OKC, but the results are very similar.

In the first box of the snapshot labeled "Figure A" you will see his “Search Visibility” is 28.22%. Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers is 6.42%, Revive Clinic is .01% and Oklahoma Pain Center is 1.28%.

The Search Visibility score is the percentage of clicks that Moz (popular search engine optimization tracking software) estimates your website is receiving based on your organic ranking position, across all of the keywords we're tracking in your campaign.

Dr Koenig is positioned far better than his competitors to attract new patients to his site. The real results of our work begin to show in the “Total Visits” box, which indicated Dr. Koenig received 512 total visits in month one (1), over 300 were new organic visitors. Notice he also received 132 direct visits. His previous website was http not https (secure socket layer) and when a site changes from http to https some traffic is not recognized as organic by Google in the first month or so, therefore, it’s possible that a percentage of that traffic is organic as well.

In the right corner of "Figure A" you will see his search visibility for both the mobile index and the desktop index. The mobile is 28.65% and the desktop is 28.22%. The importance of mobile indexing and search visibility cannot be stressed enough as Google now indexes mobile sites first and places a great deal of emphasis on this market. More than half of all Internet searches are done on mobile devices and that number increases month over month.

His domain authority is 18. Domain authority is a measurement of quality backlinks to your website. This is an important element to achieving strong organic rankings. He is higher than 2 of his 3 competitors. We continuously build links, so his domain authority will continue to increase over time. Note that he outperforms even the competitor with a higher domain authority. This is evidence that success on the Internet relies on more than links.

Figure "A" Snapshot for Oklahoma and OKC rankings.

Figure "B" Snapshot for Edmond, Ok rankings.

Edmond is a smaller market than Oklahoma City, therefore we have placed more emphasis on OKC than Edmond to maximize Dr. Koenig’s new patient acquisition and ROI.

The results for Physical Medicine of Oklahoma

This website has seen an increase in page one organic rankings from a few branded terms, those containing the Drs name and or the practice name, and one relevant search term to nearly 2000 search terms.

New website visitors generated via organic results have gone from less than 10 per month to over 300 in the first month of service. As with any website, we anticipate that the traffic will continue to grow over time.

Dr. Koenig had a goal of generating six (6) new patients monthly from the new website and optimization program. He has received a steady flow of four (4) to five (5) new patients per week from the website. His patient acquisition expectations were exceeded by more than 300%.

Dr. Koenig’s average cost to acquire a new patient from his website is $84.11.

We have earned featured snippets for Dr. Koenig's website. Featured snippets appear above the organic rankings and are considered the "holy grail" of all Internet ranking success. This site has at least a dozen featured snippets at any given time (Featured snippets occasionally don't appear in the search results). Featured snippets receive the majority of the traffic for the search term for which they appear.

Featured snippet example:

If you were to search the term "is regenerative cellular tissue stem cell" Physical Medicine of Oklahoma appears above the Mayo Clinic nationwide. Notice that there are over 33 million pages listed in the results for this term. Appearing above the Mayo Clinic and garnering a nationwide featured snippet indicates that Google sees Dr. Koenig as an authority on the subject This is based on the content that we created for Dr Koenig coupled with his excellent reputation..

Here are a few more localized featured snippets for this site:

Notice that this website also appears in the number one (1) spot in the organic rankings for this term.

In addition to the organic rankings, Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is listed in Google's local listings and image searches for more than 500 search queries.

Several examples:

Here's another variation:

Physical Medicine of Oklahoma dominates the organic rankings and the local listings in his geographic area and this is how we have brought four (4) to five (5) new patients to the practice weekly, and together with the Doctor and his team have achieved an average cost to acquire a new patient of $84.11.

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