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Chiropractic call center repThe top 5 reasons to hire a professional call center for chiropractors...and not handle the leads generated from your marketing efforts in house:

  1. Having a well trained dedicated rep answering the phone that understands your practice and your area of healthcare can increase the number of qualified appointments that you book exponentially.
  2. Most front desk teams are not prepared to spend the 11 minutes that it takes to properly qualify a lead and book a quality appointment.
  3. All leads need to be followed up very quickly and the front desk is not typically capable of making outbound phone calls to leads generated within 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. The no show rate diminishes when a dedicated rep is working with the patient from "hello... to walking through your front door"
  5. A highly trained and professional call center for chiropractors increases your profit

Our call center team does exactly what's outlined above and more. The reps are trained by executives that teach practices how to grow properly, maximize profits, and market effectively. Members of the executive team have built very large, highly professional, and effective call centers. Your practice can benefit from all that experience and the fees are about half of what one front desk team member is paid.

Our marketing team will generate the leads for your chiropractic practices and our call center will qualify them and bring them through the door!
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Some Docs have asked what happens if we get a great flow of appointments but can't get patients to accept treatment? We created the ROF Assistant, the automated report of findings tool that helps educate patients and increase your case acceptance rate tremendously.

You see...we're more than a quality digital marketing agency, we generate the leads, qualify them, book the appointment, confirm and follow up to ensure the patients shows up, and we help with educating the patient and increasing your case acceptance rate.

When Should You Hire a Call Center For Chiropractors?

Chiropractors tell us that it’s frustrating when they pay for advertising and are told by the marketing agency that they’re getting responses, but the patient count and monthly revenue aren’t rising? Sound familiar...have you experienced this?

Where’s the disconnect between ad responses and patients coming through the door?
There are potentially a couple of points of failure in the process. We know this because we’ve listened to thousands of calls answered by the front desk of many of our clients.

First let’s look at the ways potential patients find you and reach out to your practice because each has a different potential point of failure.

  • Facebook ads. These are very inexpensive and can generate a strong flow of responses, we often see between 125 and 200 leads for every $1000 in ad spend. Unfortunately, few of these leads answer the phone when your staff reaches out. Many of the ones that do answer seemingly have temporary amnesia and cannot remember filing out the form on Facebook. The point of failure here is multi-faceted. These potential patients need to be reached out to within 3 to 5 minutes or they will be gone. If they aren’t reached, they need to be nurtured with text, voice messages and emails to educate them and entice them to become patients.

    There is a phrase you may want to consider – speed to lead – any sales organization knows that if you don’t reach a lead within a few minutes it goes cold. Most practices are too busy to chase leads on the phone and I don’t know any doctors that went to school to become or manage telemarketers.

  • Google or Bing ads. These are very effective because people are actively searching for a solution to a healthcare issue when they find you. Whether your phone number is in the ad or you’re using a landing page, these ads will generate phone calls. The potential point of failure occurs when the front desk is busy and puts the person on hold, or the caller has many questions and the person answering the phone just doesn’t have time or expertise to properly address them. When the caller asks medical questions and the front desk isn’t trained to handle those questions, after all they are not case managers, the caller loses confidence. When any of these things happen the caller, the appointment and the revenue are lost.
  • Search engine optimization. SEO is very cost effective and produces high quality leads. Not only is the potential patient searching for a solution to a healthcare problem, but they found you in the organic rankings. There is a perception that the sites that rank organically (not in the ads) are more legitimate. This may not be true, but perception becomes reality in the mind of the individual. Potential patients respond in one of two ways when they reach your website. One, they call and are subject to the same issues outlined above. And, two, they fill out a form on the site. If they aren’t responded to immediately, they are off to the next website and the practice that responds the fastest will usually see the patient.

Increased Leads

Where Does This Info Come From and How Do We Know That Its True?

We work with many practices across the US and we see these things happening daily. We listen to countless calls and view countless form fills. These things are happening in the most successful practices. This is why we opened our call center for chiropractors, to help practices from losing the revenue they invest in marketing. We only work with chiropractors!

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We’ve had doctors tell us that the front desk always answers by the second ring and they always ask how the potential patient found the practice. They are excellent at handling calls and do nothing “wrong”. It’s very hard when we listen to the calls with the Doc and he or she sees the point of failure is the first impression that the caller has.

Here’s a quick way to see if your front desk is the best it can be. Listen to how they answer the phone. Do they have control of the call or do they give it up immediately to the caller? Control of the call is the only way to maximize your success.

Here’s the fastest way to lose control and lower the booked appointments from inbound calls. Are you ready? Ok… here it is…if your front desk answers the phone and says Dr XXXX’s office, how may I help you? They have totally lost control because they don’t know what the patient is going to say or ask. We’ve heard potential patients ask nearly every question that you don’t want your front desk answering. Once you lose control it is very hard to get it back. We have found it more successful to maintain control by answering the call this way - Thanks for calling Dr XXXX's office, may I ask who I am speaking with? The caller answers and the team member takes further control by asking a question that leads toward the goal of booking an appointment. If the caller is not calling for an appointment, this will be exposed with no discomfort to the caller.

The Shocking Truth - Every appointment that your team does not set... is just like that team member taking your debit card and spending anywhere from $500 to $6000…or more... without your knowledge. And… perhaps worse... the caller may end up having surgery or taking pain medication.
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There Is A Solution To The Most Common Problems Practices Face When Booking Appointments

How would you like:

  • Every lead followed up on within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • A professional that is only focused on setting appointments – not checking patients in or out – not doing billing – or anything else for your practice - answering the calls and booking your appointments?
  • A well-trained professional that understands your area of practice handling the questions callers have correctly?
  • A system that minimizes no shows
  • Reporting that shows exactly how your marketing budget is performing.
  • An ability to listen to the calls to see that they are handled professionally, honestly and ethically.
We offer this solution. Our team is comprised of well-trained professional reps that take the calls, follow up on the leads and get qualified patients into your practice. They have been trained by a team that teaches practices how to market and sell high level cases. This team has nearly 100 years’ experience building practices, marketing, sales and creating revenue for doctors. You no longer must rely on an employee who is attempting to do four or more jobs with little to no vested interest booking your appointments. Let’s face it, if the front desk doesn’t make a commission on booked appointments, appointments may not be a priority. To find out more about our program call us at (727) 777-7266.

chiropractic call center representative

How Much More Revenue Could You Experience This Way?

Statistically, practices that use this service see 15 to 45 appointments booked this way per month. These numbers can be higher for practices in larger metro areas or a little lower in smaller markets. Larger ad budgets normally create more booked appointments.

Why Join Us?

Our team ads a new dimension to similar services that exist in the marketplace. Our management team participates in monthly conferences and regular webinars that train the medical community on how to market, sell and deliver high dollar services to patients. These are the people that have created and deliver the training! The success rate of their program is nothing less than miraculous and your practice can benefit from this knowledge.

We know how to generate leads, set qualified appointments, and help make your practice more profitable. Can you afford not to join us?

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