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Kathy WebbKathy Webb: Kathy and her business partner, Crystal Tanner, acquired JCIDM in 2017. The agency was small and didn’t focus on a niche market. It didn’t take long to change both of those things. Kathy previously spent 16 years working in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Clinics, as well as her own private practice as an LMT. She knew that industry well but found herself seeking a new opportunity when she underwent major back surgery and could no longer practice. She drew upon her years working with doctors and her expertise in medical research and content development to help this agency specialize in digital services for the medical community. Her areas of expertise are medical research, content development, and business management. Kathy is married and has 2 daughters, a stepdaughter, 3 sons-in-law, and 5 grandchildren. Kathy loves the outdoors and can often be found on the beach, the waterways of Tampa Bay or in the North Georgia mountains when she’s not working.

Crystal TannerCrystal Tanner: Crystal has spent much of her career in the managing of financial operations. She spent numerous years in the Internet software industry. She joined a digital marketing agency in 2006 and as an executive, played a big role in successfully building that start up agency. When she was ready to venture out on her own, she and her longtime friend Kathy decided to purchase JCIDM. Her experience in financial management and business development have contributed to the massive growth of JCIDM. The agency grew 10-fold in the first 2 years of new ownership and continues growing at a rapid pace. Her areas of expertise are financial management, operations management, and human resources. She and her husband have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Crystal loves spending time in her organic garden and playing Bingo.

Norm BracketNorm Bracket: Norm started his career in the Navy. After his service, he joined the software company CBT Systems. After several successful years with that firm, he was recruited away by smaller, private software firm and spent many years in the technical software business. He found himself pursued by the agency that Crystal worked with and made the move from software marketing to digital marketing. He played a larger role in building that agency and has been a critical part of the growth and success of JCIDM. We often say that “everything goes through Norm”. He manages the day to day operations and works with our clients to ensure they experience a high level of success. His areas of expertise are extensive. Here are a few: project management, search engine optimization, project design, research, and personnel management. Norm is married and he and his wife have 2 children. He loves to spend his free time with family at their river retreat Kayaking and enjoying the quiet solitude of nature.

Shane CastegnaroShane Castegnaro: Shane is one of our web designers and front-end web developer. He has been part of our team since 2014. In his free time, when he’s not building websites he enjoys working on his car and attending car shows all over the state. He has modified his car to sit lower than a Game of Thrones fan's hopes during the season finale. Shane is constantly reading up on new technology and best practices to help give our clients the best, most effective product.

Lenin IsabelLenin Isabel: Lenin has been a Web and Graphic Designer for over 12 years and has worked at companies, both large and small. He has had experience in a variety of industries and has used digital marketing methods such as Social Media, sales funnels, email marketing, PPC banners and more.

In his off time, he is a martial arts expert and uses his skill to protect the office from un-ruley clientele... and Shane's excessive bullying. He enjoys drinking lemon-aid during company lunches.

Alanna GolowniaAlanna Golownia: Alanna has a passion for design and technology. She comes to us with a background in Ecommerce and database administration. An alumnus of the University of Illinois graduating with a B.A. she also attended Nova Southeastern University’s graduate program in management information systems. Her hobbies include traveling, street art photography, baseball, writing short stories, drawing comics, ren fairs, and enjoys all things art. Being from Chicago, naturally, Alanna is the office adviser on Chicago culture and hot dogs.

Valeria Curtis: Valeria comes to JCIDM with a wealth of knowledge on website directories. She formerly worked with Paid ads at a Microsoft advertising firm. She is Norm's side kick. So, JCIDM client's should expect to be hearing from her. She is in the process of adopting two cats.

Jessica OzerJessica Ozer: Jessica is a Social Media Guru at Just Click It Digital Marketing. Jessica started her Marketing / Advertising Career with Aspen Marketing Agency from 2003-2009, handling project management, quality control, and fulfillment for Incentive based websites for Fortune 500 companies Motorola and all of it’s subsidiaries, Owens Corning and Gold Toe just to name a few!

Since then she’s worked for P3 Agency as a Social Media Guru / Internet Marketing Consultant, the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper as a Multimedia Account Executive and even pursued her own Social Media Marketing Business from 2016-2019. Her love of Marketing and Advertising has always come from her fascination with marketing psychology, writing excellent content and analytics! While moonlighting as a Brand Ambassador with P3 Agency, she met Lenin at a Network After Dark function in Ybor last year, they became good friends so when Lenin started working at Just Click It Digital Marketing, it didn’t take him long to ask her about joining as their Social Media arm.

You can find Jessica marveling at nature every weekend on Indian Rocks Beach, canoeing, traveling to her favorite State Park, and or going to outdoor festivals and concerts with her friends. She’s lived in Florida for almost 20 years and she loves this place!

Christina BreniaChristina Brenia: Christina has a love for digital marketing. She works with optimizing website content to meet Search Engines best practices. When she is out of work she enjoys going to concerts and practicing yoga. She has an eclectic interest in Kombucha and fajitas.

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