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4 Types of Effective Marketing Strategies for Doctors

It’s important to have plans in place for all 4 types of effective marketing strategies for doctors. In today’s competitive digital marketing atmosphere, it’s more important than ever to be present where your potential patients are looking. These four strategies can help keep your calendar full and your patients feeling great.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is as close to “free traffic” as you can get. By utilizing a strong SEO strategy, in conjunction with a solid content marketing strategy (point 3, below), you can get your practice’s website found in the organic section of the search engine results (meaning the “free” section as opposed to the paid ads) for a myriad of search terms.

The greatest thing about SEO is, of course, that you aren’t paying each time someone clicks on your website. According to Moz, users are 8.5X more likely to click on an organic listing in the search engine results than a paid listing. One goal we have at Just Click It Digital Marketing, for our SEO clients, is to get them found organically for as many keywords as possible, for major keywords (chiropractors) and also for long-tail searches (i.e. “how to treat lower back pain”), giving you as many chances as possible to attract new website visitors (aka future patients).

With Google doing hundreds of updates to its algorithms each year, best practices do need to be adhered to and the site updated regularly to stay at the top of the results despite all the changes that occur regularly. That’s where a professional marketing team comes in. At Just Click It Digital Marketing, our team has been doing SEO since the inception of the term, and we know what works to get you found and bring new patients to your practice.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

The pros and cons of PPC are essentially one and the same. With PPC, you are paying Google a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad. It can be great because it can mean instantaneous leads, but you are paying for each and every click your ad gets, whether or not they turn into patients. If you want to drive additional traffic to your website on an immediate basis, PPC can be a great strategy to incorporate into your marketing efforts to see fast results.

Exactly how much you’ll be paying per click changes by the minute, but in general, the more searches a term gets, the more competitive it is and the higher the price per click. By following best practices in your advertising campaign, you can increase your rank according to the formula Google uses to judge advertisers. In doing so, lower your cost per click (CPC).

The truth is, it’s taken you years to not only become a doctor but to learn how to run your practice successfully. You shouldn’t also have to learn how to market your practice and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and advice in digital marketing and advertising. That’s what professional marketers like Just Click It are here for. Let our specialists apply their years of training and experience to your practice and watch the leads roll in. After the initial campaign setup, we perform ongoing monitoring and optimization of your PPC campaign to maximize results and ROI.

Content Marketing

When paired with SEO, a strong content marketing strategy can be your long-term path to success. Content marketing aims to put out a high volume of high-quality content on a variety of subjects, earning authority and trust with both future and current patients. The goal is to educate them on various conditions they may have, as well as treatments and services you offer so that you are top of mind when they need a doctor. This can be an incredibly affordable strategy that pays off for years to come.

Email and Text Marketing

Email and text marketing can be used in conjunction with all of the above marketing strategies to increase engagement from patients and help bring them back to see you more frequently. The trick with email or text marketing is balancing being useful and not irritating, keeping you top of mind, getting your emails or texts opened with minimal unsubscribes. We use proven strategies to craft email and text marketing campaigns for our clients, monitoring their open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis to bring you as many more patient visits as possible.

Are you successfully using all four types of effective marketing strategies for your practice? If not, take advantage of a free strategy session with one of our specialists and let our team help you maximize your marketing efforts to get more new patients.