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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assist practices throughout the US and South America acquire new patients, retain current patients, maximize lifetime patient value and increase profits. Our clients range from Sole Practitioners to those with as many as 12 Healthcare Providers. We utilize website design, search engine optimization, online advertising, marketing funnels, email, text and voice messaging, reputation management and sales assistance to provide solid ROI for our clients.

Just Click It Digital Marketing (JCIDM) is a leader in regenerative medicine and stem cell marketing for both integrated practices and more traditional chiropractors. We take great pride in developing very effective marketing campaigns and redesigning high-quality regenerative medicine websites that are optimized to be found well on the major search engines. Our commitment to you extends far beyond having your website or online ads found by many potential patients searching for stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine in your area. Our ultimate job is to bring you a steady flow of new patients.

Marketing For Chiropractors

We implement the following to deliver significant ROI:

Stem cell Marketing Strategy

We are adept at creating compelling marketing messages to entice new patients to select your site or ads from the entire group they see on page one of the search engines. If you notice, when you search a term on Google, you’ll see the organic rankings, local listings, paid ads, and sometimes even images or videos. There may be as many as 20 chiropractors competing for that new patient – we make you stand out from the crowd!

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Understanding Searcher Intent and Use It In Stem Cell Marketing

One of the many things that differentiates our stem cell marketing agency from other agencies that perform marketing for regenerative medicine is that we fully understand the types of search intent and how to best position your website to take full advantage of that intent. Search intent is the "why" behind a search query. What is the searcher hoping to achieve? And, is that intent consistent with the goal of your website?

Search intent is broken into four (4) categories:

  • Informational Search Intent

    Informational intent are the type of searches that have the highest search volume. They are also the trickiest to plan for and optimize. People search this way when they are trying to learn or understand a particular subject or gather information. Having organic rankings and paid-ad placements that address these types of searches is very important to the success of your marketing campaign because this is how we attract new visitors to your practice. This is referred to as the top of the marketing funnel, meaning that we have brought people to you that did not previously know about you or your practice but are good prospects to become new patients.

    Here are several examples of good informational search queries:

    • Alternatives to knee replacement surgery Oklahoma City
    • Non-surgical hip pain treatment Edmond
    • knee pain treatment Edmond
  • Navigational Search Intent

    Navigational intent is important for people that already know your practice or brand. The searcher knows who you are and is looking for a particular page on your site. These are typically "branded" searches. A good example is "DR. XXXX office hours." The searcher clearly knows Dr. XXXX and is looking for his hours so we will present his hours in the search results and a link to that page of the site. Navigational searches do not often bring new patients to the practice unless they are a referral.

  • Commercial Search Intent

    Commercial intent is a hybrid of informational and transactional searches. This searcher wants to set an appointment but still needs more information.

  • Transactional Search Intent

    Transactional searches are done when someone is ready to make a purchase. This is often where you see the words "price" or "sale" in the search query. These are more often used in ecommerce sites than practice sites.

The Patient Journey

We take exceptional care to create the content of your site and your marketing funnel to maximize your success. Once we have introduced your practice to potential patients they are properly educated and compelled to reach out to you and become a new patient. We do this by gently nurturing the visitor through a well defined "patient journey" or marketing funnel toward the ultimate goal of successfully scheduling an appointment with your practice.

Define the Journey
The Patient Journey

A Steady Flow of New Patients

Our digital marketing agency includes team members highly trained in data analysis, conversion rate optimization, and statistical analysis. These team members analyze data from your campaigns to maximize your return. We analyze every bit of data from your marketing campaigns and track the new traffic to your website, the keywords you are found for and even which pages people spend more time on than others. We look at things like how many people visit only 1 page and leave, that’s your bounce rate, and then improve it. We discern how much traffic comes into each page from the search engine results pages or SERPs and find out which pages work best.

We use this data to fine-tune your site so that all pages become the most successful they can be at helping you acquire new patients. We analyze which pages result in people leaving your site and why then adjust them as necessary so that we can convert more site visitors to new patients. We most often can even determine why a keyword loses a few spots in the rankings and then bring that keyword back up in the SERPs based on searcher intent so that it can perform well for you.

Start Your New Patient Flow
Stem cell marketing ideas

"In my 16 year career I have worked with many online marketing companies and JCIDM has by far served me the best and given me the best return. Within the first week of signing up with them I was already ranking #1 in many search engine results. The company has always been available to me. They are very quick and responsive to my needs. I've been recommending their services to all my colleagues and people I network with."

- Dr. Suhyun An, DC, MSN, NP-C
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