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Web Design

Does your website bring youthe new business it should?

Your website is the face of your company to the world; a virtual “storefront” that needs to represent the quality and value of your products and services while converting visitors into buyers.

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Web Design Services

Custom Web Design

Our team of designers and developers are able to build you the custom website that represents your business and drives clicks and conversions.

Responsive Web DesignWhether you have a clear idea of the site you want, a vague concept of the look or feel, or just know you need a modern site, our team will give you exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, all of our websites are built to be fully mobile responsive, so your site will appeal to users on any device.

Responsive Web Sites

Your website should not only look great, it should convert visitors to leads and customers across all devices, whether your users are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Did you know that the major search engines actually penalize sites that aren’t responsive? Since more than 60% of people search on mobile these days, your site had better be able to accommodate those users automatically, regardless of their screen size or browser.

Every single website our team creates is built responsive, and our designs maintains all of the optimization features that the major search engines like to see.

Mobile Design & Marketing

It’s one thing to be able to view a website on your phone, and an entirely different thing to have a true experience from start to finish, like when a mobile site has been designed with the user experience in mind every step of the way.

Mobile Responsive E-commerceWe can help you turn queries into new business with proper responsive mobile design and marketing. Including useful and relevant calls to action (like click-to-call buttons) to maximize conversions is all a part of our mobile marketing strategy.

Make sure users can become customers easily from anywhere (their couch, the beach, or the on the go) with a great mobile design from our expert team of marketers.


When you’re selling products online, your website needs to be fast to load, easy to navigate, and intuitive to use so you don’t lose conversions.

Upwards of 40% of visitors will bail out on a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Amazon found that for every additional second their site took to load, they lost 10% of sales. Your visitors are too valuable to waste.

Let’s maximize your profit by selling to more of the visitors you’re already getting. We can build fast, user-friendly e-commerce sites of all sizes, from a single product or service, to hundreds.

Don’t forget to inquire about our other digital marketing services to drive more business to your online store!

Website Maintenance

Website MaintenanceWe also offer maintenance and webmaster services for added convenience to our clients. Site hosting, email hosting, tech support, and unlimited live updates to your site are included in our website maintenance packages.

That means you don’t have to worry about your website going down, or paying separate hosting fees. We will also host your emails and can help create new emails as needed for you. Any time you need to make changes to your site, whether it’s advertising the current promotions, adding photos or videos, or adding new products to your online store, just send it over to your project manager. Our team will get the updates done within 48 hours (or on an emergency basis, immediately -- we know there are some things that just can’t wait).

For complete peace of mind, ask about our webmaster services, where we take care of everything you need in relation to your site and become your go-to tech team.

Does your site know it’s 2018?Let’s bring your online presence into the future
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Our Site Creation Process

The first step of any web design project is to do an in-depth consultation with you, our client, to learn all about your business, your goals, and what you’re hoping to achieve from our partnership.

During this phase of the web design process, your input is crucial. We want to hear any and all ideas for the site, including examples of other sites you like, what colors or styles you have in mind, and any other input you or your team may have. Don’t worry, if you want to give our team carte blanche to come up with the entire design, that’s fine, too!

Once your project manager has a clear vision of what you’re looking for out of your new website, it will go into production.


Let the magic begin! This is where our design and development team works to bring your vision to life.

All sites we build are custom-designed and hand-coded by our team, with expert care. Every site we create is also responsive, so whether your users are visiting your site on a large monitor, a small laptop, a tablet, or a phone, your site will automatically adjust to display as it should, according to the screen size.

Another aspect that gets taken into account with every build is to ensure the site is search engine friendly, so if your marketing plan includes search engine optimization, implementation can occur seamlessly.

The creation phase may take between four and twelve weeks or longer, depending on the size and complexity of the site. You will of course get a sneak peek during production to ensure the site is coming together as it should be.


Once the site has been designed and built, it’s your chance to review our work and request any last changes before it goes live. When we have your final approval, our IT team will launch your new website, taking it live on the internet, ready to bring you more business than ever before.


MaintainOur help doesn’t end there! Now that your site is live, our team can maintain it for you, too.

We can act as your webmaster, performing any needed changes to your site on an ongoing basis, keeping it hosted securely, with all necessary updates attended to regularly. This also includes hosting your emails and creating new ones when needed. Leave the techy stuff to our team with an all-inclusive website maintenance package.

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